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"Shared rooms" for solo participants

  • Simply register online and please select "Solo Participant" as the room category (so that only the input fields for one person are displayed)

  • The room allocation is done by us as the organizer and you share a double room with 1-3 other solo participants,  or a three- or four-bed room (suite).  In this case it is calculated  always  the price for 1/2 double room.

  • Of course, we pay attention to the separation between female and male participants when dividing shared rooms.

As a solo participant to Salsa on the Beach

You don’t have a travelling companion but still would like o take part at “Salsa on the Beach” and share a double room with somebody? No problem:


What to do if I don't have a dance partner?

We will introduce gentlemen and ladies traveling alone to each other on site at the event. Naturally, we can not guarantee a dance partner, especially since we never know in advance whether more ladies or gentlemen will participate alone! At Salsa on the Beach there are also workshops (e.g. footwork or styling), for which no partner is necessary.

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