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Booking guide

The most important info for your booking

To help you find your way around our new ticket store quickly and to ensure that your booking is transmitted completely and securely, we explain the new registration process step by step here:

Select room category


In the first step, please select the desired room category. Example: If you are alone, choose a single room; if there are two of you, choose a double room, etc.


IMPORTANT: You must make a separate booking for each room!


Click on the respective pictogram to get to the next step.


Select package

On this page you define how many people in your room will participate in the event with or without workshops.

Select either 2x dance package, 1x dance package and 1x accompanying person or 2x accompanying person and add the desired tickets to your shopping cart by clicking on "Add to shopping cart".

If you would like detailed information (included services, room category, equipment) on the respective ticket, please click on the pictogram.


Additional services

In this step, you now have the option to add further additional services to your booking. For example, you are offered the possibility to book additional nights before and/or after the event.

For some room categories, upgrades (e.g. suite with sea view) are also offered in this step.

Click on "next >" to proceed to the next step.

Shopping cart


Please check your order again now. Do you have the correct number of tickets/packages in your shopping basket, depending on the room category you have chosen? Are any additional nights booked (before/after) the event displayed?

If you have a promo code (from your dance studio), don't forget to redeem it now under "Enter discount code".

If there is anything else you would like to tell us (e.g. a non-binding customer request), please place your text under "Add note".

You can proceed to the next step by clicking on "Checkout".

Invoice recipient


All required data of the invoice recipient must be entered in this form under "Delivery details". Only one invoice can be issued per room!

After clicking on "Continue", important information about the ticket receipt will be displayed again under "Delivery method".

Click on "Continue" again and you will receive information on payment by invoice.

When you click on "Continue" for the last time, you must accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

On the right-hand side of the order overview, you will once again find a summary of your booking and can enter a discount code (promo code) or redeem a gift card (i.e. a previously purchased or received voucher).

If you have more than one voucher that you would like to redeem, please contact us before booking at:

Once you have completed everything and checked it again, please click on "Place order and pay" in the last step.

Complete booking / Tickets


After a successful booking, you will see a confirmation message on the website. Shortly afterwards you will receive two emails from us. The first is the "summary" of your order.

The second email "Last step to get your tickets" is especially important! This contains a link to enter all participant data (of the room you booked). To do this, click on "Get your tickets".

Select tickets


In this step, the tickets are created for ALL persons in the room. Therefore, select the number of people for your booked room under "Quantity" and then click on "Checkout" (e.g. quantity 2 for a double room, quantity 4 for a four-bed room, etc.).

During this process there are of course no further costs for you, as you have already received the total amount of your booking by e-mail.

ATTENTION: This process can only be carried out ONCE per order number (according to "Summary of your order"). Therefore, please ensure that all data is entered correctly!

From this step you can also display the mini shopping cart. Simply click on the shopping cart symbol.

IMPORTANT: In order to remain in the booking process, close the mini shopping cart afterwards by clicking on "> Warenkorb / Cart" or by clicking on the page. Do NOT click on "View shopping cart".

You can proceed to the next step by clicking on "next >".

Participant data


All data for each person in your room must now be entered. We need this data for the event & hotel check-in and for the creation of your ticket.

IMPORTANT: Please enter as the first participant the person who also made the order/booking and is therefore the invoice recipient.

Order number


So that we can assign your ticket and your booking internally, there is a field for your "order number" in the form. You will find this in the "Summary of your order" email we send you.

IMPORTANT: The order number must be added to the ticket details of each participant!

Next Ticket


The booking process can only be completed when all participant data for the respective room has been entered. By clicking on "Next ticket" you can personalise the ticket for another person and add their details.

Complete booking


Almost there! Now click on "Continue" one last time so that all participant data is transferred to us and your registration is completed.
You can now download your tickets directly from the website and will also receive them by e-mail after a few minutes.


In the next few days we will send you an e-mail with a download link to your invoice. On it you will find a summary of your entire order/booking and all payment instructions for the transfer of the total amount.

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